Bruce H. Young: Professional Background

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My work in the field of disaster mental health began in 1989. My profile, educational background, and interests can be viewed here: my LinkedIn

Professional Background

I was an untrained emergency mental health responder in 1989, with a professional background in social work, crisis intervention, and assessing and treating combat-related PTSD. What was suppose to be a "temporary" disaster assignment of two-weeks evolved into a career immersion workng with or for FEMA, state, county, and many non-government agencies, including the American Red Cross. This initial experience provided an opportunity to witness phases of disaster occuring in individuals and the community. It presented the opportunity to work with acute stress and reactivation of pre-disaster-related trauma, and to do work with elementary school children. From these experiences, I gained both a micro and macro perspective of the field and a commitment to contribute to the development of best practices and the betterment of service delivery.

Professional Disaster Mental Health (DMH) Skills

  • Trainer: Deliver training for government, non-government agencies, and schools
  • First response: Urban, rural, mass-casualty direct services
  • Senior Management: Oversight of services in various disaster settings
  • National, State, and local Policy and Operational Procedures Developer and Consultant
  • Academic: Participate on research teams; Author theoretical, research, and training materials for books, websites, phone apps
  • Educational film maker: Co-Produced nationally award winning film: "Children & Trauma": The School's Response"; Co-Directed critically-acclaimed film "Hope and Remembrance: Ritual and Recovery." Script writer, film cut editor, and actor for numerous educational films and video clips.


Group Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Group Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders is a collection written by renowned PTSD experts who provide group treatment to trauma survivors. The book reviews the state-of-the-art applications of group therapy for survivors of trauma such as: rape victims, combat veterans, adult survivors of childhood abuse, motor vehicle accident survivors, trauma survivors with co-morbid substance abuse, survivors of disaster, families of trauma survivors, homicide witnesses and survivors, and disaster relief workers. This book a unique contribution to the field. Each chapter provides a detailed and comprehensive description of state-of-the-art group treatment and artfully combines scholarly review with a step-by-step summary of treatment rationale and methods. Furthermore, the book covers a wide scope, typically found only in large, multi-volume compendia. Group Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders is ideal for clinicians, aspiring clinicians, researchers and educators. It provides a unique and eminently readable summary of group therapy applied to increasingly recognized clinical populations.

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